Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some Beloved Dragon Articles

In no particular order.

"D&D Option: Orgies, Inc" - Jon Pickens, issue #10, page 5+.  This gem and the similar rules in Dave Arneson's First Fantasy Campaign are the primary influences on my carousing rules.  Pickens' "D&D Option: Demon Generation" in issue #13 is also pretty sweet.

"Good Hits & Bad Misses" - Carl Parlagreco, issue #39, page 34+.  Fun critical/fumble system my group played the crap out of during our high school years.  Reprinted in one of the Best of Dragon volumes, number 3 or 4 I think.

"Customized Classes" - Paul Montgomery Crabaugh, issue #109, page 8+.  Recent work done on the web has probably rendered Crabaugh's method of making non-Advanced classes obsolete, but I've gotten a tone of cool results out of his system.

"Dragonchess" - Gary Gygax, issue #100, page 34+.  My introduction to the crazy mixed-up world of chess variants.  I've been working on a couple 2-d versions of Dragonchess on and off for maybe a decade now.  (Nice folks waiting for Fleet Captain updates probably shouldn't think about that last sentence too much.)

"Believe It or Not, Fantasy Has Reality" - Douglas P. Bachmann, issue #40, page 10+.  Bachmann's system bends fantasy gaming into a more new age hippie/psychedelic fairytale/Campbellian monomyth direction.  Although written with D&D and Chivalry & Sorcery in mind, I recommend this one for Pendragon fans.

"Gandalf Was Only A Fifth Level Magic-User" - Bill Seligman, issue #5, page 27.  My vote for the best article ever printed in the magazine.  Should be required reading for anyone who thinks you need a large number in the Level field of your charsheet in order to experience "epic" play.

"The Taming of Brimstone" - Donald Mumma, issue #71, page 35+. Kickass little Boot Hill module.

"Dino Wars!" - Tom Moldvay, issue #166, page 48+. Tabletop rules for little plastic army men versus rubber dinosaurs.  Ran this at a con once with buildings made of cereal boxes.  Good times.

"King of the Tabletop" - Tom Wham, issue #77, page 33+. A classic Tom Wham silly boardgame.  I suspect that playing this one when we were kids is the secret origin of my sister's vast boardgame collection.

"Spells Between the Covers" - Bruce Heard, issue #82, page 55+.  The earliest system I've seen where an MU must obtain and track the contents of their library.  A little over-complicated perhaps, but the percentage chart full of magical treatises totally rules.

"Not Quite the Marvel-PHILE" - Jeff Grub, issue 97, page 77+.  Because who doesn't need stats for Frog-Man and Howard the Duck?