Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Folian Mythos

What if the only gods in your campaign setting were the freaks at the top of the Fiend Folio food chain?

Lolth - Spider Queen of Demons
Cryonax - Prince of Freezing Blood and Shattering Ice
Imix - Prince of All-Consuming Flame
Ogrémoch -Prince of Crushing Stone
Olhydra - Princess of the Drowning Waters
Yan-C-Bin - Invisible Prince of Thunder and Lightning
Ssendam - Lord of Insanity
Ygorl - Lord of Entropy

I think that would be a pretty gruesome set-up.  No deity is particularly beneficent towards mankind, instead cultic practices would lean towards the warding off/begging for mercy school of worship.  Also, the high priest Kyuss (of the "Sons of ...") would probably be a revered figure in the temples of his master Ygorl.

And I might actually give a crap about that stooge Ogrémoch.