Friday, March 23, 2012

Caves of Myrddin PSA

I've decided to teleport the Mad Unicorn into the Dungeons of Dundagel.  From a comment of mine on an old blog post:
The Mad Unicorn is a wandering monster that has appeared on multiple wandering monster charts of mine. Intruder_W encountered in at the beginning of my only 3rd edition campaign, where it wrecked a party exploring ol' Quasqueton.

The poor creature began life as a normal, well-adjusted unicorn, but ended up cursed to forever wander the underworlds. If it finds a way out of a dungeon it is immediately teleported to a random location inside some other dungeon. Years of wandering an unknown number of hellholes has driven it insane.

This backstory was written for the express purpose of beating up PCs with a unicorn.
No one has been able to slay, capture or save the Mad Unicorn.