Thursday, March 01, 2012

On Beyond Wessex

Here are some fictitious regions off the main campaign map, in case you want your PC to be from there.

Barsetshire - perfectly normal (i.e. boring) county just off-map to the north/north-east, Barset archers are fairly common mercs, though they are considered not as skilled as Welsh bowmen

Mummerset - just off-map to the north of Glowan, the thick local accent in incomprehensible unless you speak both Anglish and Welsh, home of mummers and/or mummies?

Mortshire - a gloomy place of Gothic murders, ghosts and other ghastliness

Winshire - another spooky county known as a witchy sort of locale, platinum blond hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes are "the Winshire look" and anyone from Winshire with this appearance will be assumed to be a sorcerer of some sort

Mikelmerck - fantasy Yorkshire, as outlined by Amanda of Drama, Dice & Damsons

Harrowshire - sometimes erroneously called Arrowshire or Barrowshire, current earl is the mad Lord Sutcherly, located in the Danelaw, the savage mercenaries from this realm are an armor-eschewing odd combination of blue-daubed Celts/viking Danes

Loamshire - home of the Loamshire Irregulars, bands of chain-clad mercenaries armed with battle axe or sword & shield

Rutshire - notable for its tendency toward scandal among its aristocracy and the bawdy songs arising therefrom, a Rutshire minstrel is always a hit at a carousing session

Worfordshire - on the English/Welsh border, Welsh people hate folks from here because they're too English, while most Englishmen think Worfordshire folk are irredeemably Welshified

Ffhagdiwedd - one of those unpronounceable Welsh counties


Sodor - mythical island near Mann, locals speak Celtic

Averoigne - fictional French province, reputedly full of sorcerers & devil-worshippers

Poictesme - fictional French province with all sorts of naughty goings-on