Thursday, March 01, 2012

On Beyond Wessex

Here are some fictitious regions off the main campaign map, in case you want your PC to be from there.

Barsetshire - perfectly normal (i.e. boring) county just off-map to the north/north-east, Barset archers are fairly common mercs, though they are considered not as skilled as Welsh bowmen

Mummerset - just off-map to the north of Glowan, the thick local accent in incomprehensible unless you speak both Anglish and Welsh, home of mummers and/or mummies?

Mortshire - a gloomy place of Gothic murders, ghosts and other ghastliness

Winshire - another spooky county known as a witchy sort of locale, platinum blond hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes are "the Winshire look" and anyone from Winshire with this appearance will be assumed to be a sorcerer of some sort

Mikelmerck - fantasy Yorkshire, as outlined by Amanda of Drama, Dice & Damsons

Harrowshire - sometimes erroneously called Arrowshire or Barrowshire, current earl is the mad Lord Sutcherly, located in the Danelaw, the savage mercenaries from this realm are an armor-eschewing odd combination of blue-daubed Celts/viking Danes

Loamshire - home of the Loamshire Irregulars, bands of chain-clad mercenaries armed with battle axe or sword & shield

Rutshire - notable for its tendency toward scandal among its aristocracy and the bawdy songs arising therefrom, a Rutshire minstrel is always a hit at a carousing session

Worfordshire - on the English/Welsh border, Welsh people hate folks from here because they're too English, while most Englishmen think Worfordshire folk are irredeemably Welshified

Ffhagdiwedd - one of those unpronounceable Welsh counties


Sodor - mythical island near Mann, locals speak Celtic

Averoigne - fictional French province, reputedly full of sorcerers & devil-worshippers

Poictesme - fictional French province with all sorts of naughty goings-on


  1. Sodor, awesome. I once drew up a map for Sodor when my son was big into Thomas.

  2. I love the actual history of the name Sodor--it's part of the name of a diocese in the Church of England, despite not actually being a location (or at least not being the name used for that location in any other context). It's a pretty awesome possible origin point.

  3. Isn't Lord Sutcherly the third Earl?


  5. Everytime we watch Thomas the Train, the special lady friend comments on how "Sodor" sounds like a fantasy nation (and an evil one at that).

  6. Love it! Sir Topham Hatt is an evil mage specializing in Animate Object?

  7. Isn't the Island of Sodor ruled by Sir Topemhat, an iron fisted yet benevolent ruler?

    And in Poictesme, it's rumored that men mate with hamsters after dousing themselves in essence of elderberry.

  8. And doesn't Sodor have talking wagons that try to be useful and not cause confusion and delay?

  9. I've heard that Lord Sutcherly is prone to fits of hysterical Screaming.

  10. Those Winshire children are an odd sort. Practically cuckoo.

  11. In addition to the comments above, it's awesome to see Mikelmerck on there. More greatness :)

  12. Greyhawk Knight2:22 AM

    "Jeff, you are a really useful blogger."

  13. Barsetshire normal? What about all the trollop(e)s there?

    1. Many of the trollops living in the nearer parts of Barsetshire may have moved to northeast Cornwall. Supply and demand and all that.

  14. Ha! Thank you for the Mikelmerck shoutout :) I wondered why traffic had increased. More on Mikelmerck truly is in the pipeline now I've got a momentary respite from sea shanties.

  15. Mummers and Mummies is going to be my new role-playing game.