Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's an old Trav chart I made

Found this on the old hard drive the other day.  I guess I made it for filling out the roster of larger ships plying the Gateway Quadrant.

Human? (1d)
1-5 Yes, roll on Humaniti Type table
6 No, roll on Alien Type table

Humaniti Type (2d)
2-7 Mixed Imperial
8-9 Solomani
10-11 Vilani
12 Minor Human Race - glue something stupid on their forehead or something like that

Gender (2d) - works for most aliens too
2-7 Male
8-11 Female
12 Other

Alien Type (1d)
1 Vargr
2 Bwap - Karel Čapek's Newts as interstellar bureaucrats
3 Uplifted Animal - pick something besides a canine or feline, please
4 Parahuman - look like a Minor Human Race but a product of convergent rather than divergent evolution
5 Kancer - sixlegged crabspider types
6 Other

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    that is a simple yet oddly compelling table.
    gah, it makes me want to play Traveller again!