Friday, May 20, 2005

RPG Sale

Looks like Fantasy Flight Games is trying to clear stuff out of its warehouse. Details here. They've got a bunch of hardbounds marked down to five bucks a piece, include a large chunk of the well-regarded hard-sf game Blue Planet. I came very close to placing an order just a few minutes ago, as I've had my eye on the Dungeoncraft book for a while now. Something holds me back each time I got to purchase. Perhaps a gut feeling that I already have too many of my own ideas about how dungeons should work for anyone else to be able to substantively assist me. They've also got a passle of Instant Adventure pamphlets, much like the Adventure Keep line from AEG. If they were 3.5 instead of 3.0 and if the reviews weren't so mixed I'd be more inclined to blow a buck apiece on them. The Legends & Lair Mastercraft Anthology looks cute as well. For a buck you get 144 pages of excerpts from the rest of L&L line. That might rock or it might be a collection OGL crippleware. All in all, I had ten bucks of goodies picked out but the $7 shipping turned me off. At $17 for this haul I'm well over my usual impulse purchase comfort zone, especially for stuff from a publisher for which I don't have a particular opinion.

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