Thursday, May 12, 2005


Somewhere along the way I got over my funky self and started going to the FLGS again. This week I stopped by to get my sister a copy of Ticket to Ride, a great boardgame that's super easy to teach to newbies. So of course I had to get something for meself. After much himming and hawing I settled on a new battlemat and a D&D Aberrations starter pack. The last Giants of Legend hugepack was gone and the case of Deathknells came in the next day. Double poo on that. That was yesterday. I had to make a second trip out there today because the new Dungeon was in, the one with the 30th level adventure. Here at the tentative start of a new campaign we're months or years away (or maybe forever away) from being able to play a module like that, but I had to get it anyway. I had five bucks in store credit so the Dungeon on cost me one dollar and ninety nine cents. That seems like a fair price for a single adventure I'll probably never use. Hell, I still haven't used G3: The Hall of the Fire Giant King and it's one of the very first modules I ever purchased.