Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good gaming

Due to an ongoing scheduling conflict my Monday night boardgame group is now my Tuesday night boardgame group. This week played two of our standby's: Puerto Rico and Bohnanza. I got pretty well slaughtered in both games. As per my sister's suggestion we tried adding the order cards from the High Bohn when we played the bean game. While it didn't ruin the game by any means I thought they didn't add that much to play.

Last night was the first session of my new D&D campaign, entitled Wild Times on the Wild Coast. Considering I was ill I thought the whole thing went rather well. My players are Loren, Doug, and Pat. Loren has a dwarvish cleric. And Doug brought a half-orc fighter/barbarian to the table. That leaves Pat's half-elf guerilla-scout to fill the rogue slot. We may recruit one more player, but things went so well last night I'm not sure if we need another player. The party could sure use an arcane spellcaster though.

Tomorrow night is my Home Team campaign. I need to figure out some stuff for that ASAP! I think we'll actually do some of that new fangled "roleplaying" I've heard so much about, instead of just another fight. Or in addition to another fight.

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  1. I've been thinking after progressing into the skirmisher prestige class, of using the other for a spell casting, in light of the session. With my stats, the options appear to be generic spell caster (UA) or BESM-build Bard, and use the character points to buy up charisma to spell-casting levels. It's all up to the cheese.