Thursday, May 19, 2005

An Interesting Question

RPGnetter kjamma4 asked this question today:

Suppose you could instantly transform yourself into a 20th level, D&D 3.5 character but still be in your current real life situation. What do you become and more importantly, what do you do?

So far alot of peoples on the RPGnet are choosing to be Sorcerers and such. I'd go straight for a spellcasting class as well, but I think Bard is a better choice, given the additional skills and the healing spells. This immediately begs the question "Why don't I play bards?" I think the whole renfaire guitarist thing puts me off. Playing a bard with Perform (epic poetry) or Perform (oratory) or Perform (incoherent babbling) would suit me more than the standard lute-packing bozo.

As to what I, Jeff the 20th level Bard, would do in my current real life situation. I think I would keep my spell powers for secret emergency use but turn my social fu towards career as a leftwing political activist. Or maybe I could take perform (acting) and become a rich and famous movie star. Or both. Also, I would spend some skill points on some languages.

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