Monday, May 09, 2005

Dungeons Without Dragons? WTF?

Last Friday's J-Con 2 event did not go exactly as planned. Our DM for the night ended up cancelling but waited until late enough in the day that only Thom Hendricks in Bloomington got the email. Fortunately Harold, the fellow that James invited, was a good sort and agreed at the last minute to run "Joren's Tomb" for the rest of us. I'm starting to question this Living Greyhawk stuff just a bit. Joren's Tomb had no monsters in it. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I was expecting, at the very least, for this Joren chap to take umbrage at our trespass in his sepulchre. In my mind he was going to rise up from his stone sarcophagus and go at us zombie style. Instead we get some lousy traps. Not even enough traps to kill Pat's first level rogue, much less the rest of the party. The author of the scenario must've been told by his editor to put some damn monsters in it, because there was a tacked-on epilogue with some orcs. I haven't quite given up on Living Greyhawk, but man there needs to be more critters to kill next time. My swashbuckler made level 2! Yay! According to the last working draft of my level progression, that means I should take a level in fighter now.

I'm working on the second adventure for my campaign. The first adventure I plan to run pretty much as published. The second adventure of the campaign is labeled "for characters levels 1-4" but looks pretty wussified for a 3rd or 4th level party. I think the monsters need some templates and/or levels and such. And I'd like to make up some NPC adventurers to fill out the party for days in which not all players show up. I'll probably start small: here's a basic healer, here's a sword-swinger, etc. But I also have some wild ideas like a flumph paladin or a half-machine ogre ranger with a large orcish double axe.

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