Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Fourth Man

Looks like I have a prospect for the last seat at the Wild Coast campaign. The real issue will be whether or not his playstyle and the kind of game I want to run can find any common ground or not. Stuart is an Exalted man and hangs out at the Forge sometimes. He and I came pretty close to doing a little Sorcerer game a few years back. For a long time he's been on my list of people that I would contact if I were to take another stab at running Nobilis. These qualities hardly suggest the kind of guy who would like some silly dungeoncrawling, but then again I sometimes hang out at the Forge, dig Nobilis, and also enjoy Gygaxian dungeons.

Speaking of Nobilis, it recently occurred to me that if I were to try it again I would want to play up the war against creation. Previously I had tried to approach the game as machiavellian intrigue amongst the gods. That seemed pretty daunting. But coming at it as "you are the protecting the multiverse against the Supersonic Hellnazis from Beyond Space and Time" and suddenly I have a game that just might play in Peoria.


  1. I had been baffled about the tenor of our previous attempt, in that the blue meanies were still slouching through the stars at us, and we were trying to prove ourselves to a giant dog-headed yoik by travelling the world-tree into hell to get a new heart-flower for him. Personally, I'm tempted by a use of the human/minion rules for the background of a (mythical) Illuminati /Unknown Armies type of game. Sometimes, we're avatars of Blue, Onions, and Waistcoats, and sometimes, we're barraccaded behind a door at the orphanage trying to keep Hitler Dracula at bay.

  2. I think a mortal level game using the Nobilis mythos could rock on toast, but I am obsessed by the challenge of making the full monty version work. One solution might be to alternate playing actual Nobles with session in which you play their mortal servitors. But to make the mortal level really work I think one would need to use another system. Anything modern occult ruleset out to do: d20 Modern, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, Unknown Armies, etc. But now that I think about ut, the new World of Darkness corebook would probably a good way to recruit the exact right kind of wrong person you would want playing the game. Two parallel campaigns run using non-overlapping player groups, perhaps? Or maybe a single confederate in the modern group.