Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bring Out Your Wimps

Last night's boardgame group was just Bruce, Al, and me. Jim was out of town and Carl was a no-show. We played three games and I got clobbered in all three of them. In Ticket to Ride I was too timid about taking ticket cards, which give you victory condition to fufill for points but if you fail to make the condition they are worth negative VP. My Santa Fe Rails game was just a mess. I'm going to campaign to play this one a couple more weeks consecutively just to get the hang of the darn thing. Finally, during the bean game I made too many trades just to be making trades. Ah well, I had a good time either way. Bruce and Al are good guys. After the game Bruce and I talked a bit about this Friday night's Living Greyhawk event. Bruce pointed out that since we will have 6 players for one module and not the other (two people have already played the other one), that we should run the new PCs in the 6-player event. Because we will have more people in the party we ought to be able to get away with running characters that are less frontloaded. Bruce immediately glommed onto the idea of running a wizard, so my burninating sorcerer will have to wait for another day. And whatever configuration my great axe wielder ends up being, that is a front-loaded PC for sure. That means I should go with either my monk idea or the healer angle. If time permits I'll make both. The monk is pretty firm in my mind at this point. I'm going with a human and taking Dodge and Mobility for my feat selections with Stunning Fist for my monk bonus feat. I was looking at the special materials file in the SRD and I think I'll try to buy some cold iron and alchemical silver weapons, since a monk's equipment needs are very small. For this guy I have no multiclassing or prestige feat plans; he's pure monk all the way. I'm still up in the air about the healer. A bard that uses chanting instead of a renfaire guitar might be cool. Or a half-orc druid. I'm not ruling out a standard cleric either. Maybe if I look over the various metaorg docs that will help me make up my mind.


  1. Is the repeat module one we played last time, or one the new folks have played?

  2. It's not a repeat for us. The two new guys (Harold and Thom) have played every first level module available except for Seen and Not Seen. The other one, Joren's Tomb, will be completely new for us. You can't play the same module twice, so they'll only be joining us for the one adventure. Hopefully they will stick around, but by RPGA rules they are strictly forbidden from offering advice.

  3. Hey Jeff...

    Just as a thought, I once played a Bard that was mute. I channeled (sp?) his bardic abilities through a set of pan pipes he played. He fought with a one-handed weapon and no shield, and it was a hoot playing charades with the rest of the party trying to get my points across. I figured I'd toss an idea your way...

    peace... Dave

  4. I would like to suggest an alternate strategy. As I see it, the desired objective of the session is the survival of the original 4 characters plus the two new ones brought in. Our best chance for that is to run the unplayed module with that group.

    If we lose one of the Gang of Four, we'll be doing more first level modules or facing the prospect of doing the regional modules with a first level character. I'd much rather get to the point that we're playing the regional modules.

    If Bruce's desire is to play a wizard, it may be a more effective plan to run a wizard with our 3 characters and the two new ones. We'd still have better than average survivability. He could then take that wizard into the 2nd session and get another notch on it's belt. I'm looking to run a combat optimized half orc fighter in the 2nd session and I'm more than willing to meatshield for him.

  5. I can dig your plan. No need to show up with 4 wimps when we can instead greatly increase the chances of one wimp surviving. If we go with your idea then we end up with a fighter and a wizard in the second module. Seems to me that between Pat and I we need to produce at least one cleric type. This morning I've been messing around with an idea for a half-orc cleric of Boccob. At this point I just need to figure out a feat for him and I can put this guy to paper. Maybe Pat can play the token human.

  6. Will two half orcs make one full orc?