Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kung Fu Tonight

So Dave is going to try again to restart his slightly dormant Feng Shui game. And I'm having mixed feelings about this turn of events. On the one hand I really dig the game, and playing with the Pancake Hut gang, and the thrill of getting to be a player instead of the GM. On the other hand I'm itching to start my D&D campaign and I don't have time to run it unless something else goes. Here I went and demolished Dave's dreams of an rpg-writing conglomerate and now I find myself contemplating judo chopping his campaign. Some friend I am. I don't want to wreck Dave's campaign and I suppose I won't wreck it, but me and Pat pulling out would certainly weaken it. And I can't even really offer anyone else at the table ('sides Pat) a seat at my D&D campaign. Not because I don't want to play with them, but because 4 chairs are spoken for at this point and I don't think I can handle more than 4 players while simultaneously coming to grips with 3.5. Maybe if I felt more confident I could try to squeeze in more people, but I don't. It's unfortunate because I bet Barb and Ray could help lend that same air of craziness to my new campaign that Ray St. John used to inject directly into the eyeball of the Bandit Kingdoms game. I really miss Ray. In too large doses he sometimes drove me frickin' nuts, but man we had a lot of crazy ass fun at the game table. And Dave and Sean are both totally cool. If I could simply propose to the same group "Hey, why don't I run some D&D for a bit" I wouldn't feel like such a heel but I can't. Five or ten years ago I would simply sit on my hands until the Feng Shui campaign ran its course, but nowadays that seems like a masochistic way to participate in a game and my resentment at having to put my own game on hold would probably color a lot of my play. I think it's better if we talk about this now rather than later. It's more uncomfortable in the short term but less dysfunctional. Maybe with a little time we can design an exit strategy and Dave can recruit a couple replacement players.


  1. Well shit. I didn't mean to drive a stake through the heart of Dave's FS campaign. I thought we would be able to actually play last night AFTER I dropped my bomb. Somedays I can't believe how naive I am.

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Don't feel too bad about it. There was some other stuff going on that put the stake in my hand. I just didn't see any point in going on with it when most of the immediate plotlines I had planned to introduce involved yours, Pat's, and Barb's characters.

    Yeah, I could have pulled back and rethought things, but honestly with everything going on, my heart wasn't in it.

    It's my fault more than anybody's. I didn't start this game because I wanted to. I started it for other reasons, reasons that were not altogether valid or correct.

    In other words, don't worry about it. It's all good. =)

    peace... Dave