Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Idiot Pilot on the Idiot Box

Every once in a while I manage to be the first one out of bed in the morning. Usually it's Elizabeth. She then wakes me up and we have breakfast and watch cartoons. When it's just me I like to watch music videos. The half hour or so that I have to my self on these atypical mornings happens to coincide with the brief period each day when VH1, MtV, and MtV2 are all actually playing videos. These fortuitous circumstances allow me my choice of three different crappy videos. Which B-rate gangsta rapper should I watch? Oh, the dilemna of it all! I usually end up sticking with the video that has the best-looking hoochie girls but occasionally they play a song I like. First I was able to catch a video by System of a Down featuring a song called B.Y.O.B. I like System's sound and this video had great old-metal style unfocused anger at the man*. Like Dave Mustaine music without having to endure the Dave Mustaine experience. Then MtV2 news had a spot about Idiot Pilot, a couple of Seattle teenagers who combine ethereal electronica with new metal (or is that nu metal? I can't keep the lingo straight these days) screaming. The little clips they played seemed pretty cool. I'm sure some music nerd somewhere has already declared these kids to be the heralds of a new subsubgenre of technoelectronica or whatever.

*Is there a good witty word for unfocused-anger-at-the-man? I bet the Germans have one. Hatrednugen or schadenragen or something like that.

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    in nu-deutsch: Systemshass.