Thursday, January 19, 2012


In case you haven't heard Wizards of the Coast is doing a short reprint of the original three 1st edition core rulebooks.  They're due in U.S. and Canadian hobby stores (and nowhere else) in April.  New cover art but same interiors.  The slim ones will set you back 35 bucks, the DMG is $45.  Proceeds go towards the Gygax Memorial Fund (the independant entity already working towards getting Gary a statue in Lake Geneva).  Here are my thoughts, in no particular order.

  • The pricing is totally fair, assuming the print, paper and binding quality is high.  When the MM first came out in 1977 it retailed at $9.95.  That's $35.38 in 2010 dollars, according to this inflation calculator.  "I can get the originals cheaper on eBay!" someone will say.  DO SO!  If you don't already own the first edition DMG you are missing out on one of the greatest texts in the hobby.
  • A new boxed set with an old cover didn't work, so they try old hardbounds with new cover art?  These guys are a little weird sometimes.  I hope the cover art positively screams "No, this is really the old stuff!  We aren't pulling your leg this time!"
  • Any players from back in the day or newbies without a clue in your family: here is their next birthday or Christmas gift from you.
  • If these sell well enough more reprints are likely to follow.
  • This isn't exactly what I want, but I know an olive branch when I see one.  With a gesture like this on the table it would be obnoxious not to give the 5e playtest process a try.
  • That being said, there's no reason to stop holding WotC's feet to the fire.  Will the binding be the same as the originals?  How much of each sale goes to the Gygax fund?  These and other questions should be asked and answers should be forthcoming.