Thursday, January 12, 2012

brief Caves of Myrddin update: dragon at large

Yesterday the lazy bastards lounging around the Abbey guesthouse received a report that the dragon had been spotted ten miles north of the dungeon.  Grabbing their gear as quickly as possible, they high-tailed it to the south tower of the dungeon, in hopes of finding the great beast's hoard while it was far, far away.  They never found the dragon's lair, but these guy crawled and rappled up and down and all over my crazy vertical map.  They eventually found some treasure: a few hundred gold pieces, an ancient jeweled cup (now for sale, only 850gp!) and the magic Sword of the Frozen North, now wielded by the elf Vithujin.  Foes they faced included a pack of giant rats, some winged demon beast they luckily killed before it utterly wrecked them and... Gleichman the Vampiric Warpoodle!  The famous doggie was wandering the dungeons, thirsting for blood, utterly confused by undeath, and despondent without his master.  They put the poor beast out of its misery.  They also deactivated some sort nefarious trap and carried back the forty 4' or 5' long steel spike involved.  Most of these are now for sale from Merwik the Merry Merchant for 20gp a piece.  They're very nicely made, balanced for throwing and pointy enough to go straight through a mofo.