Friday, January 27, 2012

Caves of Myrddin update

So the Dragon of Dundagel seems to be in a bit of a mood today.  He's been seen flying around the countryside, plucking up peasants and dropping them from great heights, panicing herds and flocks, and he even set fire to the village of Endelstow, home of everyone's least favorite cleric:

Vicar Sithney finally has evidence to support his claim that the adventurers at St. Emmet's are making things worse, not better.

In totally unrelated news, a slightly charred Vortullak the Untamed returned from the dungeons today.  His companions Louie le Mouche, Clark the Half-Orc and Tufi the Rabittduck are nowhere to be seen.  By some strange coincidence Vortullak is offering for sale a map he claims leads straight to the dragon's lair.  Opening bid is 200gp.