Friday, January 06, 2012

Caves of Myrddin: reptile hulks & saucy statues

So today's party was supposed to be Brother Cadfael, his pack handler, his horribly disfigured nephew, Sir Hugo le Bâtard, Blixa the Thief, his talking dog Abe and newcomer Darf of the Donkey Ears (a dwarf).  But Sir Hugo, Blixa and Abe were so drunk the night before they couldn't make it.  They all have afternoon hangovers to look forward to when they finally wake up.  You ever heard the sounds a talking dog makes when he's hung over?  That can't be pretty.

The ones they fought had been
properly primed and painted.
So Brother Cadfael led his NPCs, Darf and new recruit Thull under the East Tower (a.k.a. the Gatehouse).  They took the stair down from the Chamber of the Roots and passed the Archway of the Two-Bodied Dragon.  There they slew a pile of trash, fought a trio of Reptile Hulks and located the remains of a slain sandworm.  Darf was nearly slain in the fight against the Reptile Hulks; one of them scored an Arduin Grimoire critical against the little weirdo, ripping his throat wide open.  Brother Cadfael's timely cure spell is the only thing that prevented his death.

The main loot of the adventure was a pair of statues, each 3' tall or so, depicting the White Queen of Dundagel.  You know those silly cheesecake statues you see in comic shops?  Kinda like one of those depicting Emma Frost, but made of grey stone and wearing a crown.  They tried to sell them to their bleary-eyed friend Sir Hugo, who is known to be into that sort of thing, for 1,000gp but he was short on cash.  So they settled with selling them to a merchant for 750gp.  Now if Hugo wants them later he'll have to pay 1,500gp.


  1. The amount of poor rolls was impressive. Took quite the effort to miss a pile of glued together lizard men.

    If Darf lives to make it to 3rd level he will be nothing but a pile of impressive scars.

    To go back to an earlier post of yours I have every intention of retiring him when he gets to 6 level and I make enough to coin to open up a Dwarven dinner and dance club somewhere in the gaming universe.

  2. Man, those statues would go great with the tapestry. There has to be some way to get the manor house to turn a profit when Hugo goes through an adventuring dry spell.

  3. Darf would be willing to help you come up with some ribald night show act to shake some coins out of the locals and adventurers.

    You have a large extra room or a front yard that we can turn into a small theater?

    Hire some cheap actor NPCs, puppeteers, and that might turn a profit. If the DM (Jeff) willing and all to go along with such a plan