Sunday, January 08, 2012

a blast from the past

For some reason I was thinking about Mazes & Monsters again today.

Lot item from the GaryCon II silent auction: one (1) VHS copy of the Tom Hanks classic Mazes & Monsters and one (1) claw hammer.

Jason Cook, creator of the video, writes "So, I won the Mazes & Monsters + hammer silent auction at Gary Con II, but the results were announced too late to have an audience big enough to smash the video in front of, so we decided to do something creative. It was all shot in only about an hour, but was a lot of fun. Make sure to watch the entire 2:30 for the full effect."

I would be remiss if I posted this stuff and didn't link to Blog of Holding's efforts to reconstruct the original M&M rules. It's pretty awesome.