Friday, September 28, 2007

Name Game Poll Results

I'm super-thrilled that 68 people responded to my poll, but I'm still as confused as ever about what to call my campaign world. Zindar got the plurality, but it only beat 'Other' by 2 votes. So far the only clear message is that Sinder is right out. Part of me wants to throw the question wide open and just ask all you nice folks for your ideas. But I can't really see myself sticking my personal, idiosyncratic campaign world with someone else's name. So right now my options are to either stick with Zindar since it did win the poll, go with something cute 'Other' based option like Otherwhere, Otherwhen, Othernow, etc., or start over from scratch. Anybody got any good ideas, not for names, but for methods of coming up with world names? Should I start drawing tiles out of the Scrabble bag?

Hmmm, Otherwhere, Otherwhen, and Othernow actually don't seem half bad at the moment. I like the fact that these names call attention to their own otherworldliness, there own sense of the Other as place. What other option are available, using Other as the base? Othergard, Otherland, Otherheim, off the top of my head. We could try some other languages as well, I suppose. Otherworld in Adelic would be something like Andrvøld. Stick a vowel between the r and the v and you could really have something: Andravøld, Andrevøld, Andrivøld, Androvøld, Andruvøld, or Andryvøld. I think I like Andrivøld best of those options. That o with the slash through it is totally metal. Other in Gothic is either Aljis or Anthar. Antharia doesn't sound too bad. Kinda bland, though. Other in French is Autre. Autremonde, perhaps? Going with French may increase the number "Why do you think I speak with this outrageous accent?" Python quotes in any given session.