Monday, September 17, 2007

Lightning Round Blogging

Zach is cool. He was looking to get back into painting minis and I was looking to clear out my paints and junk, so I sent him a boxfull of painting stuff. He sent me two books as a thank you, Gary Gygax's Canting Crew and Splicers. The latter is one them there Palladium rpgs where by "standalone" they mean "totally compatible with Rifts, fanboy".

I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the thief class in my new sandbox campaign project, hopefully Uncle Gary's book about thieves can help out. And Splicers looks rad to the max. Based upon what I've read so far here's my high concept tagline: In the future, the robots keep humans in zoos. I like any rpg that makes it that easy to who I am supposed to be punching.

Anyway, thanks Zachary!

Have you seen this dragon?

Rar!The above pic is from an eBay auction. I love the figure. It's exactly what I've been looking for. But I don't want to pay ten bucks for it, especially when it's been painted the wrong color for my needs. The listing says it measures only 1.5 inches tall, so I'm guessing it's from a 15mm line. I know nothing about 15mm figures. Can any of you smart Gamblog readers identify this dragon for me?

Or in the alternative, if you know of another mini of a wingless dragon with a pointy tail, let me know.

I've been keeping away from RPGNow since they hooked up with DriveThruRPG. I just don't like those DriveThru guys. That whole DRM scheme of theirs was dubious in the extreme. But I went and gave RPGNow some money this morning, because I happened to discover that Judges Guild is running a bigass PDF sale. At $1.99 apiece I can swallow my pride/ignore my principles. Rather than languish in secret shame for being a sell-out, I thought I'd pass along the chance to get some cheap JG goodness. But then I shop at Wal-Mart all the time, so clearly I'm already a soulless consumer drone.

Either way, I now have pretty much the entire Castle/Village/Island Book series. Those ought to be great fodder for my sandbox project.

I saw this pic and immediately thought of my buddy Pat. I'm posting it here so he can snag a copy.Yes, a big pile of guns reminds me of my friend Pat.  Whether that says more about him or me, I don't know.

Another question for my readers: Did any of you read my recent post on Exotic Characters and Worlds and then go bid on the copy for sale on eBay? I don't hold outbidding me against anyone, as I am a huge eBay cheapskate and expect to lose more auctions than I win. I'm just curious how much my little article contributed to the otherwise inexplicably high sale price.