Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my mascot

Last week Martin over at Treasures Tables posted about GMing mascots. Here's a blurry pic of my personal totem of dungeon mastery, sitting high in the game room, gazing down on the players with a sadistic grin:
More proof that I am a terrible photographer.That's Zarak, the evil half-orc assassin from the official D&D toyline released by LJN Toys back in the 80's. To this day it still cracks me up that an evil half-orc assassin got made into a kiddie toy. Zarak came with the dagger in his right hand, but the tiny 2d6 in his left hand are my own addition. RPGnet forum members with long memories will recall that I used a close-up of Zarak's face as my avatar for several years.