Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the indie holocaust

Things are getting draconian as I clear stuff out of my game room to get ready to move. Yesterday I pitched a six inch stack of free RPGs I had printed out over the years. I ended up keeping only those games I had actually played, plus one. There was an extra copy of S. John Ross's Risus: The Anything RPG that I held on to. Somewhere there's already a copy (along with the excellent Risus Companion and his Big List of RPG Plots) in a 3 ring binder stuck in some box, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra. I also kept my print-out of Phillipe Tromeur's Wuthering Heights Roleplay. Had a fun con run of that five or so years ago. In the folder with the rules was the Ron Edwards style relationship map I had drawn after everyone generated characters. Behold:

I don't recall what Clarice saw in that bald porn addict.Everyone ended the run dead, insane and/or incarcerated. It was like a Call of Cthulhu run except sexual anxiety replaced the face-eating fish-men. Also on the to-keep list was QAGS, the Quick Ass Gaming System. You can buy a cool digest-sized rulebook for QAGS, but the freebie one page charsheet/rulebook is almost better. I have both. And then there's Uncle Bear's Bad Attitudes, a great little action movie game. Great for blowing stuff up.

The one rpg I kept but have not played is Micro-Dot. I can't find the linky for this one anymore, so in a blatant act of IP piracy I am going to reproduce the game in its entirety.

State action and Roll 1d4
1. Amazing fumble
2. Fail (Unless part of PC Occupation)
3. Success
4. Amazing Critical
Seriously, that's the whole game.