Friday, September 21, 2007

my new screen insert

I own one of those landscape-format customizable GM screens, the kind that allows you to slip in your own inserts. For con games I generally make my own outward facing inserts that show the name of the game and/or event. I set it up early so that folks walking past my table can know for certain what game is being run where I'm sitting and folks walking by during play don't stop to ask "What game is this?" I don't mind interacting with passerby, but after the fourth or fifth time I get tired of that particular question.

Since I'm considering running RPG Pundit's Forward... to Adventure! at the next Winter War convention, I went ahead and made this:

The graphic was made with the Historic Tale Construction Kit, which basically allows you to drag and drop a few elements from the Bayeaux Tapestry. Fun stuff. I also used the Kit when I made a similar screen insert for an old school D&D con event. The text tool includes an exclamation point but no period, so I had to do a tiny bit of manipulation to get the all-important ellipses into the name of the game.

The graphic at the top of the main FtA! webpage would work just fine for a screen insert, except I'm not sure how well the con staff would react to the naked nymph in the composite. (Admit it, you just clicked on that link. Didn't you?)