Monday, September 10, 2007

Write Silly Charts, Win Fabulous Prizes

You may have already heard about this, but I wanted to make sure and pass it along anyway. There's a new contest over at that den of iniquity known as theRPGsite to see who can design the best random dice charts for Forward... to Adventure!, the RPG Pundit's fantasy rpg. The Pundit, Doc Rotwang, and I are acting as the judges, which ought to be fun.

If you're unfamiliar with FtA! ol' Pundy gives an overview here.* But check this out: You don't really need to know many specifics about the game to enter this contest. Remember back before the OGL when all those statless 3rd party products came out labeled "Universal" or "For Any System" but they really meant they were for D&D? Like Grimtooth's Traps, for an example, or the old d30 books from the Armory. The same sort of approach works here. FtA! is designed for easy-as-cake old fashioned dungeony and wilderness adventuring in a stock fantasy world.

The first entry in the contest, from cool guy joewolz, is all about old coins. Joe doesn't use any game mechanics at all and does a superb job of helping the GM spice up an ancient pile of loot. You could totally do the same thing without ever seeing the insides of a copy of FtA! Not that I'm trying to discourage anyone from checking the game out. I've got an early draft on the old harddrive that's pretty cool. And now that I'm judging this contest I decided to stop being such a damn cheapskate and ordered a real deal print copy.

Anyway, I hope anyone who likes making stupid dice charts considers entering the contest. To get you started, here's a list of charts I, personally, would love to see:
  • Why Is The Dragon On A Rampage?
  • Unique Features of The Tavern You All Meet In
  • What Is the Evil Overlord Up to This Week?
  • Stupid Laws that Make Visiting the Town A Pain in the Butt
  • Wizardly Eccentricities, Abnormalities, Perversions & Deformities
  • What Are All These Damn Caravans Hauling, Anyway?
  • Stupid Potion Side-Effects and Quirks
Come on over and have some fun!

*Yes, that is the author reviewing his own book. That Pundit guy has balls of solid steel.