Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jeff & eBay's Excellent Adventure

So my first foray into selling stuff on the eBay is winding down. In total, I listed 63 different books/games/lots over the last three weeks. 59 of them sold without a hitch. 1 lot, a bunch of TMNT books, failed to attract notice the first week I listed. I added the word 'Palladium' to the listing and it sold for $5.50 the next week. As of my trip to the post office over lunch today, the last of those 60 lots is now on the way to the buyers. 1 item sold to someone who has a zero feedback rating. Ten days later they haven't paid and aren't returning my emails. At some point I'll have to investigate the protocol for non-payment.

Two items received no bids and I haven't yet relisted them. Those items would be the first trade paperback of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, collecting the original four-issue miniseries from Image, and two random gaming magazines. I expected at least one buyer to home in on the mags, because one of them (Games Unplugged #21) contains what is to my knowledge the only print-published 3rd party adventure for Nobilis.

After packing and shipping all that stuff, I now understand on a firsthand basis why people in the mail-order business charge extra for handling. One day spent 45 minutes at the post office, not because the line was long but because I hadn't had time to box and pack my orders. For a full thirty minutes I was packing up stuff. I actually ended up losing money on a couple orders because I spent some extra on packing materials or padded envelopes.

My furthest shipment was to Australia, with Spain coming in 2nd place. The coolest buyer user names I encountered had to be apewithalaser and meatheus. The most suprising sale I made was for a copy of Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering. That sucker sold for forty-one bucks! Did it go out of print or something? I was also suprised to see bigtime eBay sellers Guido the Gypsy and Wayne's World of Books bid on some of my lots. I've bought stuff from those guys lots of times. Now I wonder if I sold back to them things that I bought from them originally. The possibility makes my head hurt.