Saturday, September 22, 2007

check out this treasure map

My little name game poll continues in the upper right corner of the blog. Sinder and Zindar are neck-and-neck but 'Other' is making a surprisingly strong showing. Zinthar and sticking with Cinder have been suggested as viable alternatives, but several people voted other but have not made a suggestion. Please let me know what you're thinking, even if you just say "All these names suck, Jeff. Go back to the drawing-board."

Anyone, on to the sweet treasure map.

My school chum and D&D buddy of old, David Dalley, made this treasure map back in the day. I posted one of David's campaign maps not too long ago. It's probably about 20 years old at this point and has never been actually handed out to a group of players. Here's the text:

Start at cave
of Master Ealrond

Pass the way of
Mud-Slïck Pond

Double League further
thee mïte descover

Thru the pass of
Man & Lover

A wïnding path
which may break thee

The rough-hewn path
ït wïll take thee

To the forest of

Where ïf thee

In every cranny &

Thee shall Hook
A precïous [text ends prematurely with a character that may be a capital 'B']