Monday, October 01, 2007

Back on the grid.

Big thanks to all the folks that helped my family and I move over the weekend: Pat, Leanne, Laurie, Andy, Stuart, and Angela. You are all solid awesome in my book. And thanks to my pal Tom for his sage advice on rewiring the dryer with a four-prong plug that fits the outlet at the new place. Amy and I freaked out when we saw that the outlet was incompatible with our old-but-not-ancient dryer.

It looks like I may have to cut down my book and game collection even more. The shelves I have set aside for gaming stuff are nearly full and I don't even have my d20 stuff unpacked yet! Criminy!

On a tangentially unrelated note, right now on eBay somebody else is selling their copies of Encounter Critical and my EC module, Asteroid 1618:

I've had auto searches for EC running since before it was known to be a hoax.

I keep my softbound edition of EC in my briefcase. I often re-read it when I go to court for work. I make it a point to arrive early so as not to miss an appearance so I usually have 15 or 20 minutes to kill. A little phasic insanity fills that time nicely.

Note to collector types: That copy of Asteroid 1618 is one of seventeen in print. For reals.