Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mightiest Monsters: 1st ed. MM2

Again, I'm omitting unique entities from this list.

Hangman Tree (61hp/year old)
Mold, Russet (12-16 hp per 10' square)
Pseudo-Undead (varies)
Pyrolisk (43 HD but see below)
Solar (177 hp, i.e. ~39HD)
Planetar (144 hp, i.e. ~32 HD)
Bloodthorn (5-30 HD)
Choke Creeper (25 HD)
Kraken (20 HD)
Phoenix (20 HD)
Time Elemental (12-20 HD)
Willow, Black (12-19 HD)
Verme (18+18 HD)
Modron (1-1 to 18+18 HD)
Froghemoth (16 HD)
Demon, Cambion, Baron/Marquis (9 to 16 HD)
Para-Elemental (8-16 HD)
Afanc (15 HD)
Demodands (11-15 HD)
Daemons (6 to 14+28 HD)
Shedu, Greater (14+14 HD)
Dragon, Cloud (12-14 HD)
Dinosaur (various ) (10-14)
Giant, Formorian & Firbolg (13+ some points HD)
Death, Crimson (13 HD)
Marid (13 HD)
Baku (12+12 HD)
Barghest (6+6 to 12+12 HD)
Lammasu, Greater (12+7 HD)
Aurumvorax (12 HD)
Behir (12 HD)
Squealer (12 HD)
Thessalhydra (12 HD)
Annis (7+3 to 12 HD)
Quasi-Elemental, Lightning (6-12 HD)
Foo Lion (11+11 HD)
Brown Pudding (11 HD)
Dragon, Mist (9-11 HD)
Behemoth (10+5 HD)
Oliphant, domesticated (10+5 HD)
Wereshark (10+3 HD)
Apsis, Cow (10 HD)
Basilisk, Greater (10 HD)
Gorgimera (10 HD)
Mantis, Giant (10 HD)
Miner (10 HD)
Tenebrous Worm (10 HD)
Galeb Duhr (8-10 HD)
Catfish, Giant (7-10 HD)
Quickwood (5-10 HD)

The body of a Hangman Tree gets a flat 61 hit points per year of age, or about 13 or 14 Hit Dice worth of hp. The text for the Tree considers the possibility of specimens in excess of 150 years old. That would work out to 2,038+ HD. I kinda suspect that we have a typo here and the intention was for 6 hitpoints (roughly one hit die) per year of age. Even that would make an ancient Hangman Tree pretty badass, but more in line with the Bloodthorn, Choke Creeper, and other floral menaces of the MM2. Another case of a typo is the Pyrolisk. 43HD is just plain wrong for this fire-themed cockatrice variant. 4+3 HD is probably correct. But imagine a world where nigh unkillable magic fire chickens sit on the top of the food chain! Pseudo-Undead, living humanoids that mimic the undead in appearance, have the same hit dice as the undead they mimic. So where they fit into your campaign depends on what your biggest undeader happens to be.

By the way, the Verme and Afanc are giant fish. Giant fish are cool.