Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reader challenge: interpret this chart!

In my experience, the Encounter Critical mailing list/yahoo group thing-a-ma-bob is the grooviest, most low key gamer hang-out on the whole of the internets. The people are all nine shades of awesome and the vibe is just laid back and friendly. Of course, the list is also highly specialized. We normally only talk about this one game, you see. But sometimes we talk about the musty old stuff that inspired Encounter Critical, or games like it but that aren't hoaxes.

Lately we've been talking about Legacy, this weird old RPG that cool guy Christian Conkle (a.k.a. the Evil Schemer) recently found at a garage sale. Christian quoted one passage from Legacy that has me totally fascinated:

Take a circle divided into 10 concentric circles and 10 pie slices. Each sector on the resulting circle represents a member of a tribe. Each sector should be color-coded to represent the age and sex/gender of the individual. Proximity on the chart indicates common interactions between the two individuals. Individuals on opposite sides of the chart are enemies.

I've been trying to make sense of that passage for days. Eventually I had to try my hand at making one of these charts. Dig it:

Click for a large, more legible version.

I was working with MS Paint and my own ineptitude, so I ended up with 8 pie slices instead of ten. And I labeled each person in the tribe with a two-letter name. Now that I've made this chart, could someone please tell me what it means? I'm kinda thinking that slices of the pie might represent families within the tribe and that pie slices pointing at each other are in opposition. I dunno. The color scheme is pretty much random, by the way.