Monday, October 17, 2005

Star Hero is go!

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind is an everchanging list entitled "rpg projects I want to tackle before I die". Two of the longtime components of that list are writing and running my own homebrew sci-fi and fantasy settings. But I don't want to start from absolutely nothing, so for several years I have been building my gaming library with an eye towards helping me in these endeavors. On the sci-fi end one of the last pieces of the puzzle was the new edition of Star Hero. I've heard a lot of chatter on RPGnet hailing this book as the new definitive guide to building a sci-fi campaign from the ground up. Unfortunately, the $30 cover price is a tad high for my sensibilites, so I have long hesitated to purchase a copy. If I was actually going to play the HERO System I could swallow the price, but as an adjunct to non-HERO gaming it just seems a bit much. But today I hesitate no more, because Titan Games is selling me a used copy for just over ten bucks, including shipping.

The good news is that I think Star Hero was the last item on my "need to start a sci-fi setting" list. The bad news is that once I have the book in my hands I will no longer have an excuse to not start work. Maybe I can hold out for Points in Space 2 from Cumberland Games?

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