Friday, October 14, 2005

More Con-ceptualizing

Once again I have been meditating upon the subject of what to run at Winter War. And, as usual, my opinions have changed since last I blogged on the subject. I'm still interested in running my Fantabulous Five idea, using S. John Ross's excellent Risus rules. Encounter Critical (which still needs its own gameblog entry) has filled the spot in my heart previously occupied by Excursion into the Bizarre. Doug, a member of my Wednesday night group, thinks I ought to break out my original 1974 D&D booklets and run a retro thing for the curious who started gaming after those rules became obsolete. I think that's a great idea. The first edition modules/second edition rules adventures I organized one year at Winter War managed to gather a fair number of kids who were keen to try out the classic modules. Heck, maybe I could use Castle Blackmoor as it appears in The First Fantasy Campaign. That would be a hoot. That's three games, without even including in a horror game (I was leaning towards All Flesh Must Be Eaten in a Saturday night slot) or any boardgames or cardgames. I'm not going to risk my health to run a zillion games like Dave Hoover did that one year. I have enough things I want to run that I could, if I were that crazy. Which I'm not.

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  1. Now that you finally got Star Hero, I think you should run a "Firefly-esque" one-shot using Risus or Savage Worlds for Winter War...cause I would play...right. now...;)