Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Free is a pretty good price

One of my favoritest peoples in the game industry, S. John Ross, got a wild hair and decided to give a free Cumberland Games RPG product to the first 6 people emailing him to tell them about their character! I decided to talk about my PC from Sue McKinney's very fun D&D campaign. Here's what I sent S. John:
My Character is Cool

His name is Endrin Greencloak and he's a half-elf druid with a level or two of rogue. Druid may be his training but rogue is his lifestyle of choice. Endrin is the product of a single night of passion between a naive elven minstrel and a wanton milk maid. He calls himself Greencloak because his green hooded cape (Greencape just doesn't sound romantic enough) is the only thing he has that belonged to his father, who was forced to leave it behind when the milk maid's father intruded upon a delicate scene. Endrin ended up inheriting all his mother's bad points and none of his father's good traits, so she shipped him off to druid school at the first opportunity. Now he fakes his way through the life of a wandering adventurer, getting by on his wits and as little work as possible. Endrin generally considers an adventure to be a success whenever he can score some treasure without casting any spells or whacking anything with his quarterstaff. To this end he surrounds himself with lunkheaded swordsmen and overly enthusiatic clerics. He is the Keeper of the One True False Orb of Jaramond, a duty he solemnly took upon himself when nobody else wanted the darn thing.
Turns out I was one of the six fastest respondents and won myself a copy of Points in Space 1. Yippee!

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