Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My new review is up

Click here to go to my review of the starter set for the Axis & Allies collectible minis game. This review just went up this morning and already someone is disagreeing with me! I love RPGnet.


  1. If Wulf can tell a 50mm barrel from a 37mm at
    15mm scale, I've a spare bottle city of Kandor.
    I do like how he picked nits, then said there were
    40 figs instead of 48 in the set.
    The box only had 8d6 tho'.

    I do think there are enough figs to field
    100 pt Japanese & Russian forces.
    Eastern Front, Russian/Japanese skirmishes, Pacific

  2. Eh, he's an alright guy with a different opinion. Besides, I wasn't really expecting the hardcore enthusiasts to dig this game.

    And just to be clear, I'm not in any way opposed to hot Russian-on-Japanese action. I just think the first set could've gone all Western Europe with Asian and African expansions. As it stands, I don't really see the rhyme and reason to the first release or what I can expect in the follow-up.