Saturday, October 22, 2005

Con Games: The Die Is Cast

On Friday Don, the Winter War chairman, posted this year's event submission form to the Winter War yahoo group. Tonight I turned in my sheet. I've decided to go ahead with Original D&D on Friday night, the Risus superhero game on Saturday afternoon, and Encounter Critical on Sunday morning. I decided against All Flesh Must Eaten because I figured I could take a break from horror, having retired from running Call of Cthulhu following last year's Jack the Ripper scenario.

Rich Sample (an RPGnetter and one of my regular blog readers) requested a "Firefly-esque" game. Normally I like to honor requests. After all it's a compliment just to be asked to run something. But I felt that I was unqualified to run a Firefly game. I have yet to watch the entire series nor have I seen Serenity. If anyone wants me to surrender my geek card just let me know.

I tell you what: I'm really looking forward to running these games. I've never ran any of them before and not many people have played them. Okay, maybe a few people have played D&D at one time or another, but there's lots of gamers out there who have never been exposed to the original rules. And the prospect of making all the PCs just has my mojo up and running.