Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Next review?

Anyone have an opinion as to what I should review next for RPGnet? Here are some of the items I've had in mind to tackle:

Adventures in Fantasy: Dave Arneson's late 70s post-D&D fantasy rpg. I had boxed up my copy with the intent of sending it to The Museum of Role-Playing Games, but I think I'll review it first. Also, this game needs a Pen & Paper entry.

Fantasy Wargaming: subtitled "The Highest Level of All", this is one of the classically bad rpgs, but I think it has some virtues that need to be sung. Also absent from the Pen & Paper database.

Zombi: subtitled "The Earth won't hold the Dead", I tend to think of this one as "the other zombie rpg". I'm sure there are All Flesh Must Be Eaten fans who would be curious enough to read the review. The publisher, Crucible Design, also produced SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO, which belongs on some list of best RPG names.

Risus and/or the Risus Companion: I am totally mutating into an S. John Ross fanboy and these two products are one of the big reasons why.

Do any of these trip anyone's trigger? Is there something else you'd like to see me review? I know that at least one or two people will read this entry, so please feel free to give me your opinions. And while you're doing that, answer me this: was the last post too long? I think I overdid that one.