Thursday, October 13, 2005


The nWo/WCW feud was still red hot the last time I regularly followed professional wrestling. Since then I have caught bits and pieces of WWE shows and thanks to my friend Loren I got to see a copy of ECW: One Night Stand. Now that Total Nonstop Action has a deal with Spike TV, I am considering staying up late enough to see if I like their shows. This TNA stuff couldn't be any worse than the kind of crap that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo used to pull. I guess my one concern is that Jeff Jarrett owns a piece of the company. I really never saw much use for the guy. He irrated the crap out of me when he was in the 4 Horsemen, and the "Holy slapnuts!" era was even worse. Any appearance of Jarrett in the black & silver nWo retread would cause me to change the channel. Did anybody else ever like Jarrett, or did he just get a push because he was a member of the Clique? Anyway, if I can keep awake this Saturday I'll report back on TNA.

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