Monday, October 17, 2005

So I watched TNA iMPACT!

Turns out that the listing for the saturday TNA show at 11pm was not for our time zone. The show starts at 10pm local time, which makes following this show much more feasible. Saturday's show was entertaining. Surprises included WCW ultimate wrestling nerd Mike Tenay as one half of the announing team and Larry Zybysko as the commisioner type. The wrestling-to-talking ratio was much higher than most WWE segments I've seen in a while. The talent pool in the ring consisted mostly of folks who were new to me. I stayed up and paid attention all the way through the main event, which makes iMPACT! better than any other wrestling show I've seen recently, excepting ECW: One Night Stand. It was nice to see Shark Boy in a main event. I don't think he ever made it out of the Saturday show when he was wrestling for WCW.

My overall verdict: I ain't ready to buy a PPV, but I will tune in for the next episode.

Here's my one question for any TNA fans that might be reading this post: Is Abyss meant to be ripping off Kane, Mankind, or both? I couldn't tell.

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