Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pictures from Flat Con

So the nice folks over at FlatCon have posted a who slew of pictures here. I can't wait to show my sister this picture, as I can already hear her voice squealing "Oh my God! I look terrible in that shot!"


  1. Oh my stars and garters, a real girl at a gaming convention, and she's not frowning or being paid to be there...just wait till the marraige proposals start pouring in from all those single gamers. if she attended of her own free will then she is truly a goddess amongst us. If she plays D&D i'm divorcing my wife and hopping a plane to the midwest.

  2. Ha! She not only attended of her own free will, but she ran an event. The picture is of her setting up the board for her Ticket to Ride game. Neat little boardgame.

    She hasn't played D&D since we were both in grade school, but we're working on organizing an RPGA event where we'll get to play together. I'm supposed to be making an elven sorceress for her to run on her first outing. I've threatened to make an elf for myself and play her snotty older brother. But her thing is boardgames and cardgames: Bohnanza, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Illuminati. She also plays family games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, etc.

    True story from this con: She and some guy were over at the sign-up board. Out of the blue he says "You're here by yourself? The nerd to girl ratio ought to be in your favor!"