Thursday, August 05, 2010

random pics from the ol' hard drive

I would totally sleep in one of these net-hammocks rather than a normal bed.

Effin' muchkins.

I love photos of other people's full bookshelves.

Ann Brontë knows what you're up to and doesn't like it one bit!

This is why we have terrain penalties.

You maniacs!  You blew it up!


Early Damnation Van model.

Do these guys ever actually smoke their pipes?

This is how every dude who has ever written a poem for a lady pictures himself.


  1. Actually that's not a "Early Damnation Van model", it's a model of a Mobile from the British TV show "UFO".

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Superman munchkin style call up bad flashback of a Bad Bad Gurps Hero game memory

    Black Adder FTW :)

    Charlie Brown always knew he had to take onefor the team. :)

    word verification- alatica

  3. Joseph: Dude, I can read the box.

  4. I just saw that same pic yesterday on FFFFound and pulled it off for a future post on Moon Wagons.

    The hivemind is operating at 98.7% efficiency!

  5. @ anonymous

    Get a google name dude.

    But very funny on Peanuts comment

  6. I picture myself as Blackadder II pretty often, but it's when I'm delivering a particularly venomous-yet-funny insult :)

    When I'm writing poems for the ladies, I'm Dr. Teeth in a speedo.

  7. Jay: I don't know how I missed that awesome post of yours! We are brothers in digging crazy space vans.

  8. That ain't no normal hammock. It's pretty sweet and comfy looking compared to a regular one. Here in So Cal I would be a little afraid of a Great White jumping up and biting my ass off though (or worse if sleeping on my stomach).

  9. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I believe that it is spelled, "THE Bad Ass."

    (ungh. OpenID is not working for me today. -drcheckmate)

  10. Love the Peanuts cartoon!

  11. It looks like the books in those shelves have the spine facing inward. Weird!

  12. Exquisite landscape. Taken and inventoried to be inserted into my Moldvay/Cook Expert Campaign at once!

  13. Don't sleep in a net hammock, my friends. It's great for snoozing but if you really try to go for a protracted crashout you'll wake up broken and useless because it's so hard to roll over in.

    That's why pirates are always so cranky.

  14. Why does the black and white photo of the spearman/wizard in the urban landscape evoke a feeling of indescribable sadness?

    Word verification "Ineshe" - also known as the Princess of the Blue Bangles, her legendary beauty was the popularly attributed reason for the great rift between the Mad Neon Dukes and the resulting War of Glowing Skies.

  15. Nick (yeah, THAT guy)9:40 AM

    Do you happen to know where that first image is from?

    Looks like a cylinder seal from Sumer to me. Though it could be Babylonian or Akkadian. At the risk of sounding racist... They all look alike to me =P

    I don't recall having seen this one before. I'd guess that the seated guy is Enki(Ea), and that is the waters of the Abzu surrounding him. I can't tell if those are people bringing him offerings, or other gods (?, Emesh, Enten) in counsel with him.

    Can you tell what that first standing guy is holding up?

    That's quite the random collection of pictures you have there.

  16. Nick, I'm not entirely sure what's going on it that piece but I'm reasonably certain it's Sumerian. I found it while googling images of the Sumerian city of Shurappak or Shurappag or maybe Šuruppak. I forget which spelling I used.

  17. Andrew5:06 PM

    Isn't that urban spearman Moondog?

  18. I thought the same thing when I found the pic! But I've never before seen a shot of him without a horned viking helmet, so I wasn't sure.