Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday video blog thingy

I think I'll try doing this video thing once a week or so. For next week's video I'll discuss Arduin as previously requested.


  1. I haven't watched the video yet... and that's sort of my comment. I doubt there's anything you can say in 6 minutes I can't READ in less than 1, and unless there's Cool Special Effects, I'm not sure why a video blog is of any use. I can take one minute to read one of your great blogs, but not six minutes to watch one, esp. not in a work environment.

  2. So does everybody else feel like I'm wasting their time? If so, I'll do the one video on Arduin next week and stop messing around with the camera after that.

  3. I'll jump in and argue against Lizard.

    Time is not an indication of quality. Work time less so.

    Jeff, you go on and do what feels good. To hell with naysayers.

  4. Lizard, this *particular* video could not have been translated into a blog post, without losing considerable value, or at least adorableness. Trust me. :-)

    How bout just keep the video blogs for things which benefit from video presentation (like this) and keep text-blogging for things where the video doesn't particularly add anything to the experience?

  5. I'll watch the vid when I get home but I have been thinking about the occasionaly video post myself. Glad to hear to some opinions on that matter.

  6. Obviously, it's Jeff's blog and he can do whatever the smeg he wants.

    I personally find video/audio to be overall inferior to text for most purposes, and far too many video blogs/podcasts offer nothing more than "someone recording themselves saying the same things they could just as easily write". Sometimes video adds a lot -- Zeropunctuation's reviews, for example, are greatly enhanced by video. Most of the time... meh.

    Time may not be an indication of quality, but if it takes me five minutes to watch something I could read in one minute, and I don't get any more out of it than I'd get by reading... well, I'd rather read five other blogs. If there's added benefit to the video that can't be contained in text, then, fine, it's worth it, but it might be a good idea to say what makes a particular segment worth videoing so I know ahead of time that I should watch it.

    (Occasionally, I find myself fearful that people prefer video to text because they read more slowly than most people talk, and if that's true, there's something very wrong.)

  7. I like the videos. They're fun to watch. Inspired to go that route myself. A nice change from reading all these blogs, though I still love the words too!

  8. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Lizard, if you had watched it you'd realize just how far into your mouth you put your foot.

    Jeff, that was great fun! I might suggest that you use video only when you do have an idea like this one though, that works in video and wouldn't in text.

  9. Big ups to you Jeff for giving a preview of the next generation's awesomest killer DM/game designer.
    Lizard, please watch this vid, then see if you still agree with your previous comment! Jeff, a vid a week would be perfect!

    What I want to know if, if 1000 safes fall on me, am I allowed a saving throw for half?

  10. If it were simply a video of someone reciting their blog entry, that wouldn't be very worthwhile. But that's not what happened here, and giving adequate description to this little moment in time would take more text than Lizard could read in one minute.

    Also, it's always good to remind oneself that Jeff is providing a FREE SERVICE.

    I think there's a lot of potential in video blogging, as long as the video blogger plays to that medium's strengths.

    EVERY tool can be a useful one if used tastefully. I mean, I hate the saxophone on principal, but I like a lot of songs that have sax in them.

    So, keep 'em coming Jeff. At least give yourself a chance to see where it can take you before you bail out on it.

  11. I say keep trying the videos. You can do things in video that can't be easily described.

    As the requester for the Arduin vid, I'm a bit biased, but I say experiment with the medium.

    Also, I think a video of how you approach DMing or of your FLGS would be eminently watchable.

  12. Elizabeth wanted to do a video with her dad.

  13. I like the videos. Interesting to see someone I've been reading for a while "in person," kinda. And the visual element has been really helpful in the two so far.

  14. I'm sitting here at the computer. TV's off, windows are open, crickets are chirping. My wife is in the kitchen, baking cookies shaped like people (and animals, and plants) that've had bites taken out of them -- special treats for a friend's upcoming Annual Zom-B-Q.

    I've got Jeff's video going, and his kid is adorable, and he's explaining adamantine to her.

    I throw my head back and laugh, the knowing laugh of one who is both amused by, and familiar with this sort of exchange.

    This scenario? Right here, the sitting and the watching and the laughing?

    This is the life, man.

    You keep doin' it, Jeff. Next Monday's gonna be worth the wait.

  15. My favorite part is the pink dragon that breathes dungeons. How awesome would that be? Save vs. Dragon Breath. Failed! *GASP* *RATTLE* Now your PC randomly appears in some dungeon room somewhere, all alone...

  16. I recently had the pleasure of having Tavis Allison and his young son as players in a game, and so what strikes me is how both of you are patient and calm while translating the imaginative world of Child into our language.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Variety is the spice of life. Fun video btw! :D

  18. Definitely keep the video, especially if they're as entertaining as this one!

    My question is this: If the party survives all the safes dropping on them, do the then get a chance to pick the locks and find treasure in the safes?

  19. it breathes dungeons.

    it'll take me years to wrap my head around that

  20. Of course! This is where all the dungeons come from ... Not mad wizards or abandoned temples, but from a dungeon breathing dragon! It all makes sense to me now!


  21. John Miskimen said...

    Of course! This is where all the dungeons come from ... Not mad wizards or abandoned temples, but from a dungeon breathing dragon! It all makes sense to me now!

    Wow. My new campaign world is going to have to use this idea!

  22. Love the video (and the last one). Your daughter is adorable and I hope when my son grows a little beyond rubbing the expulsion of his nose into his eyes, we might have these sorts of exchanges.

    The best thing about videos is that it humanises us. Rather than lofty blogger enthusing about the latest big idea, the video shows you as a regular person, with a family. Somehow I feel closer to you and the things you have to say.

    What's more if you had written that as script then it would not have been nearly as compelling. Watching your daughter reason through her choices and interject made the whole process worthwhile.

    Dragons that breathe Dungeons? That's superb.

  23. Oh, snap. Yeah, I agree with Rob on the "humanizing" angle. Not know...I thought of you as some sort of slime-trailing radioactive ameboid proto-giraffe.

    Well not anymore anyway.

  24. The best thing about videos is that it humanises us.

    Definitely. It's the same reason I've never been shy about posting photos of myself in my own blog. Enough people seem to inexplicably think I'm a fire-breathing dragon that I like to provide some visual evidence that I'm just a short, middle-aged guy who spends too much time living in a fantasy world to set the record straight.

  25. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Great stuff! I don't watch videos at work either but that is no reason to stop video posts.

  26. Mr. Rients,

    This is the first video post I have watched, but it shall not be my last. I gather from the comments that you have made others, and I will take the time to track them down to watch them, especially if they are as entertaining and useful as the current episode.

    I congratulate you on your interaction with your daughter. Two of my three children played various RPG's with me over the years and I look forward to my gang of grandchildren (3 boys, 2 girls, so far) getting to an age where I can introduce them to the hobby as well.

    Continue the videos as long as you enjoy doing them, they are a gift from you to us and I for one, thank you for that gift.

  27. The videos rock. Not only is it nice to "see" this guy (you) I've been reading for so long, but your daughter's awesome and a dungeon-breathing dragon is the coolest - thing - ever. Rock on.

  28. Awesome vids. My only request is that you write out anything of actual note. I'm kinda deaf and my ability to lip read via Youtube is somewhat limited.

  29. I think that's the most svelte I've ever seen Jeff. Looking good dude and the hair is ace as well!

  30. Oh my. Now I have had the opportunity to listen to this. A clay of adamantium? The Butterfly of Elton John! The mind boggles.

    I want to play in this adventure.