Thursday, August 05, 2010


Reading all the comments to Tuesday's proposal for "Jeff's Stupid Rules" it seems like folks want at least two different things:
  • An old school rule book that basically allows you to play something recognizable as pick-up D&D in a booklet format. 
  • Something like Dave Hargave's original Arduin Grimoire, a not particularly systematic collection of mechanical bits and bloviation, perhaps with a brief dungeon or wilderness thrown in.
Certainly I can't do both of these in a single booklet in 32 digest sized pages.  Getting a useful amount of spells, monsters and treasures into 32 pages along with chargen and combat is enough of an undertaking.  I could maybe go up to 48 digest-sized pages, but that would be a hard limit.

There's nothing stopping me from doing two books, though.  And for those of your who want both under a single cover I could do a two-in-one volume on Lulu.  It might end up being a slightly different format than my previous stapled A5 booklet, if in layout the combo version ran over the hard limit of 64 pages.

Does that sound reasonable?


  1. Players Booklet with classes and basic rules, and a GM booklet with monsters, etc. That works.

  2. Of the options you present, I like the second better.

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  4. Whatever you decide I'm gonna get it.

  5. #2..#2..NUMBER TWO!!

    Although your retro clone would be pretty sweet!


  6. "Certainly I can't do both of these in a single booklet in 32 digest sized pages."

    I really think you could. With a tight (but still nice) layout, that's between 15,000 and 20,000 words. Given that good game-writing is 4x the density of typical industry stuff, that's up to 80,000 words equivalent in terms of what people are used to ... (and I think you're up to that standard easily if you decide to be).

    One of these days I want to do my own basic stompy rules, but that's about ... oh, fifteen projects down on the wishlist, so anytime in the next decade I need you to do it for me, because nobody out there's come close yet and you, Obi-Wan, are my only hope :)

    So if you need a project editor ...

  7. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Jeff, I think that's reasonable but just do what fires you up !

    If you wanted someone really stupid to playtest stuff, my hands in the air :D

  8. Jeff, "reasonable" and retro/stupid meet nowhere in your tricircular graph model thingy! In the words of Chief Wiggum, "if it feels good, do it."

    I would get both, but would prefer them separate, but who am I?

  9. giantbat6:17 PM

    Jeff's Stupid Rules and Jeff's Stupid Grimoire, separate digest-sized books. That would be ideal.

  10. As far as I am concerned, 32 pages is a soft limit, I could certainly live with 48 pages, but I think that is the upper limit, 64 pages is too much. The idea is I should be able to print it on my home printer and bind it with a single staple in the upper left hand corner. If you plan on doing two books, make the second one an adventure.

  11. Anonymous1:53 PM

    You must do what you feel is right, of course.

    (I'd suggest sticking with the 32 page RPG rulebook, and maybe adding on a 32 page sourcebook of extras though, if you want advice. Go ahead and make a single 64 page book offer after both are done if you want, too.)