Thursday, August 05, 2010


Reading all the comments to Tuesday's proposal for "Jeff's Stupid Rules" it seems like folks want at least two different things:
  • An old school rule book that basically allows you to play something recognizable as pick-up D&D in a booklet format. 
  • Something like Dave Hargave's original Arduin Grimoire, a not particularly systematic collection of mechanical bits and bloviation, perhaps with a brief dungeon or wilderness thrown in.
Certainly I can't do both of these in a single booklet in 32 digest sized pages.  Getting a useful amount of spells, monsters and treasures into 32 pages along with chargen and combat is enough of an undertaking.  I could maybe go up to 48 digest-sized pages, but that would be a hard limit.

There's nothing stopping me from doing two books, though.  And for those of your who want both under a single cover I could do a two-in-one volume on Lulu.  It might end up being a slightly different format than my previous stapled A5 booklet, if in layout the combo version ran over the hard limit of 64 pages.

Does that sound reasonable?