Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a little less D&D, a little more boardgames

Looks like my 3.5 hero, the greco-paladin Polymachus, is going into retirement along  with the rest of Dane's campaign.  We've been having trouble getting a critical mass of devoted players for serious WotC style combat grindery.  So here's my guy in fabulous Cut & Paste-O-Vision:

I blacked out the street address of the host of the game.

My charsheet actually ran to four pages, but the last two pages didn't have anything on them but stuff from the SRD detailing my guy's paladin abilities. I think page four was devoted to nothing but the ridiculous level of detail needed for 3.5's version of detect evil.

So the three of us who showed up last night played Puerto Rico instead of D&D.  Dane came in first but I'm still congratulation myself over coming out one point ahead of Carl.  That guy is super-smart.  I've played quite a few games with Carl over the years and I rarely beat him.

The three of us decided that even though D&D was looking non-viable, we still liked getting together every week.  So we agreed to do boardgaming on the week I'm not running my campaign at the game store.  And more importantly, we agreed on a method for picking a game each get-together.  This was an important issue for me personally because over the years I've found that not having an agreed upon decision making process can be a formula for disasters ranging from spending the first hour or more dithering/debating to outright arguments and hurt feelings. 

So what we're going to do is take turns picking a game for the night.  The game selected will be announced beforehand at my D&D session the week before.  For more complicated games rules summaries and other handouts can be made available at that time.  Personally, I'm thinking of setting up a Dawn Patrol dogfight when my turn rolls around.  Other games discussed included Bohnanza, Space Hulk, various German type games and Illuminati.

If you live in Champaign-Urbana or thereabouts and want to get in on this action, please feel free to shoot me an email.  Jrients.  Gmail.  Etc.