Tuesday, August 24, 2010

artifact project update

Wow!  Since Thursday's open call for artifact submissions I've gotten about 25 magic items sent to me.  Thanks everybody for all the great magic items!  I was thinking that 20 or 30 artifacts would be a goodly number, so I guess I've only need 4 or 5 more, including at least one submission of my own.  By the end of this week or at 30 submissions, whichever comes first, we'll be done.  If on Friday were still short of thirty I'll write enough to fill the book.  No promises on when the final version will be available, though.  Layout and editing are harder than they look.

A volunteer has stepped forward to do some art.  That's tremendously cool, as I was planning on including a paragraph here begging for cover art.

I think I need to clarify a point.  A couple of email submissions I've received have said things like "here's an item for your artifact contest".  This is NOT a contest.  If you choose to submit an artifact you aren't competing with anyone, you're participating in happy funtimes with other people.  There's no pressure to win anything or beat anybody.

There's no contest here, but there will be prizes.  I plan on putting together three copies of the finished book and mailing them to randomly selected contributors.  The rest of you nice people will have to download and print your own or get one from lulu.

Again, thanks for all the great material!