Tuesday, August 24, 2010

artifact project update

Wow!  Since Thursday's open call for artifact submissions I've gotten about 25 magic items sent to me.  Thanks everybody for all the great magic items!  I was thinking that 20 or 30 artifacts would be a goodly number, so I guess I've only need 4 or 5 more, including at least one submission of my own.  By the end of this week or at 30 submissions, whichever comes first, we'll be done.  If on Friday were still short of thirty I'll write enough to fill the book.  No promises on when the final version will be available, though.  Layout and editing are harder than they look.

A volunteer has stepped forward to do some art.  That's tremendously cool, as I was planning on including a paragraph here begging for cover art.

I think I need to clarify a point.  A couple of email submissions I've received have said things like "here's an item for your artifact contest".  This is NOT a contest.  If you choose to submit an artifact you aren't competing with anyone, you're participating in happy funtimes with other people.  There's no pressure to win anything or beat anybody.

There's no contest here, but there will be prizes.  I plan on putting together three copies of the finished book and mailing them to randomly selected contributors.  The rest of you nice people will have to download and print your own or get one from lulu.

Again, thanks for all the great material!


  1. Hey, if you need an artist to help out with the interior work, I can take some of the load. It'd be my way of making up for drawing a blank every time I try to think of my own item to contribute.

    Portfolio's at http://chrislowrance.net, http://chrislowrance.net/the-other-gallery has some BW stuff that didn't fit my main portfolio.

  2. This is great, thank you for the work you're putting into it!

  3. The Whispering Jar
    By Matt Tompkins

    The appearance of the Whispering jar is that of a large mason jar. Inside, floating in a green fluid casting a sickening glow, is a preserved decay fetus. I constant murmur of whispered words issue from the jar.

    The fetus inside is the half-human spawn of an unnamed god. Day's before it's birth, the mother was captured and subjection to a lengthy and terrifying ritual. This killed the human mother and left the fetus in it's current state. It also gave life to a malevolent sentience in the child.

    By whispering one of his own secrets into the jar, the possessor of the jar may discern a secret about any person he can name or who is within eyesight. At night the jar manifests as a small child in the dreams of all people within one mile. In these dreams it reveals all of it's owner's secrets by whispering into the ear of the dreamers.

    2xI__ __

  4. Haha, I should have double checked that post, sorry for the grammar and word errors.

  5. Jeff, thanks for doing this. I'm really looking forward to seeing it! I'm planning to scribble up some art of my own for my items -- I'll email the pics to you as soon as they are done.

  6. I too will offer my pencil if you need it. I couldn't understand a word of the original request, as my D&D-fu is weak, so like Chris, I'd like to make it up.

  7. Whoops! I had forgotten to send my idea! Sending now..

  8. Anonymous4:15 PM

    How about:

    The Sagacious Sporran
    by Sean Wills

    Fashioned from the pelt of a beast long extinct, this fur-tasselled pouch is said to have originally been gifted to a notorious wastrel, who thereafter gained great stature until theft robbed him of the talisman.

    In addition to the powers listed below the sporran confers +1d4 to both CHA and WIS once daily at player’s desire, lasting (1d6 + INT bonus)turns. It also seems to attract the amorous intentions of lesser mammals.

    2 x class I power
    1 x class III power

  9. Did you get my message about co-publication, Jeff?