Thursday, August 19, 2010

more jabberwock pictures

Original illo by Sir John Tenniel.

I really dig this one.  You can buy it as a print here.

Sculpture found on DeviantArt.

Wingless version emphasising the size of the beast, found at this artist's blog.

Painted specimen of the Ral Partha jabberwocky figure.  You can still buy these from Iron Wind.

Fan art of the Jabberwocky as he appears in American McGee's video game version of Alice.

Concept art of a Megaman mecha-jabberwock.  Found here.

Plushy jabberwock!  Nice emphasis on the buttoned vest.

Bioengineered jabberwock monster appearing in the Resident Evil video game franchise.

Here's a link to a Disney version surprising short of catching claws.

And don't miss the youtube clip Settembrini shared yesterday!


  1. My favorite interpretation:

  2. Loved that Ral Partha Jabberwock. They had a Bandersnatch and a Jub Jub Bird, too.

  3. Theodric10:38 AM

    Another recent Jabberwocky:

  4. The WFRP one, as I recall, is almost a straight copy of the Tenniel piece.

  5. The Partha one reminds me of fin fang foom

  6. I recently took pictures of the minis I painted in High School and I still have that same Ral Partha Jabberwock!