Tuesday, August 03, 2010

follow up to a serious question

I have been informed that some people I respect are quietly putting together a Holmes retroclone, expected to be out this fall.  (BTW I expected Ye Olde Book of Spells to be out almost three months earlier and that was about the world's easiest gamebook to make.  So who really knows when stuff like this will be done?  It comes out when it comes out.  No big whoop.)  I don't really see the need for there to be two blue book clones and they've already put some work into it, so I'll pass on writing a Holmes emulator.  Hopefully, those nice folks will announce their project soon rather than leave all you all hanging.

That being said, it's neat to see I'm on the same wavelength as the commenters in the previous post.  A digest-sized 32-page self-contained pick-up D&D was a big part of my thinking on the externals of a Holmes clone.  Grodd bless the cool people making elaborate new boxed sets of old school games, but I really just want something quick and easy that I can crumple up and jam into the pocket of my jacket when needed.  So I got to ask, if I tossed out the idea of a strict clone and just whipped up Jeff's Stupid Rules would folks be interested?