Friday, November 12, 2004

Winter War: It is done

I've finally sent in my final-and-this-time-I-mean-it selection of games for Winter War. I decided to go with 2 RPGs, no boardgames. With this Shared Lobotomy business starting to shape up I decided I didn't need any non-RPG distractions on the schedule (other than the Monday night group I'm already comitted to). If things go as planned on Friday the 4th of Frebruary I will be running 6 people through some version of Occult Crimes Taskforce, using the Savage Worlds rules. The following Saturday night I will be running Catch Me When You Can, my Jack the Ripper game. If I pull that one off I will be officially done running Call of Cthulhu. Great game, but I think it's played out. At least for me. Who knows. I may feel differently five years from now, but at the moment a Jack the Ripper scenario is the only thing I really want to do with it.

So now I got 2 con games to write.