Monday, November 15, 2004

Local Area Nifties

Last night I attended my first LAN throwdown, a release party for Halo 2. I had a damn good time. Special thanks to Pat for bringing along some sushi. I had made no provisions for supper. I went in with no expectations for success (my last FPS being the original Doom), so it felt like Christmas every time I ownzored an emeny. It's also nice that I can follow a little of what Gabe and Tycho are talking about over at Penny Arcade. Great comic, but sometimes I miss the context of some of the jokes because I don't keep up with the video games scene these days. Still, PA manages to be funny for the same reasons that I could enjoy reading the long-lamented Old Man Murray: most of the jokes are only indirectly about the video games. In the recesses of their geeky hearts PA and OMM are really employing the same type of mockery available for the ridicule of any sufficiently preposterous subject matter. I also like Penny Arcade because they share my hatred for the living dead.