Wednesday, November 17, 2004

jarheads vs. braineaters

Tonight Pat is running the Savage Worlds one-shot Marine Corpse, a marines against zombies sorta thing. It'll be interesting to be on the same side of the screen as Dave. We've been gaming together for months now, but always one of us has been the GM.

My mom requested a list of possible Xmas gifts, so today I emailed her directions to get to my RPGnet Shop wishlist and the phone number she can call to order some Castles & Crusades stuff from the folks at Troll Lords Games. I also suggested that maybe a video game console would be peachy. I have no idea from year to year how much she is going to spend, so why not ask for an X-box? Why not, other than not wanting to be a greedy bastard. Still, I'll be quite satisfied if I end up with C&C boxed set or one of the d20 products off of that wishlist.