Saturday, November 20, 2004

dang this computer thingy!

So it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm on my second kahlua-and-vanilla-soymilk of the day. I need something to take the edge off of my frustration. My wife wants to play a video clip from "The Apprentice", that Donald Trump-powered reality show, For some reason, Windows Media whatever did not come installed on our system. I installed the latest version, number 10, and it turns out that the clip in question wants to play on version 9 only. Was I a fool to assume backwards compatibility with this thing? So now I'm downloading and installing an earlier version of mediaplayer.

And now is choking, so I'm emailing this update in. Hope it works.

The whole family went to see the SpongeBob movie today. Slow start, some off-key bits (including a too-scary for my 3-year-old sequence), but enough laugh out-loud moments to eanr it a solid thumbs up. I about fell out of my chair when the cute little mermaid princess said to SpongeBob and Patrick "I can make you into men!" Turns out it wasn't what I was thinking.

While waiting for the various pointless downloads today I got a chance to read volume 3 of Ruorni Kenshin. Good stuff.